Feeling bored, unproductive or stuck in a rut? Working 10 hours a day but arent really feeling it.You remember when things were fun and engaging but now you are hating every minute and feel you are missing out and should do something different?It doesnt always mean you need to change what you are doing but rather HOW you are doing it.Even Picasso, Da Vinci and Eistein got bored of their work.THIS IS WHERE GAMIFICATION COMES INTO PLAY.It taps into our core psychological triggers and helps us make progress and achieve our goals.Gamification is the reason why you can play 16 hours straight and still look forward to doing it again tomorrow. Thats why you keep telling yourself: ANOTHER ONE. One more quest, one more hour, one more….Its the reason kids get hooked so fast. It’s the reason Fortnite reached 200 million players.All those game mechanics from badges to leaderboards to quests have the role to keep you playing…for hours and hours….So why not use those exact elements to achieve your own personal or professional goals?Look, I have over 5,000 hours of playing Dota 2 (I can send you my Steam Profile URL if you dont believe me), not even going into detail with all the other games Ive played along the years.So you could say Ive been a victim just as much as Ive been a student of game design and game mechanics.Ive experienced first hand all the psychological triggers Im going to share in the course thats why I can attest what worked for me and for the 10,000,000 unique monthly players Dota 2 has.On top of that in my freelance work Ive consulted with several Fortune 500 organizations to integrate gamification into their workflow with great results.So, who would you rather listen to?Someone who tells you the theory or someone who experienced 20,000+ hours of game mechanics and applied them to the world of business with success?But getting back on track….At the end of the day its not even about games. Its psychology. Its what makes you pull the trigger.And this course goes over everything from how choice works, to cognitive biases and even advanced topics like the Skinner box which for you who dont know what that’s about, it loosely says something like this:If you get a reward for your action just sometimes you are more likely to repeat that action than if you got the reward every time.It’s why loot boxes exist in games with great financial rewards for game developers.Moving from psychology to practicality the course explains in detail all the core game mechanics of gamification. Things like badges, leaderboards, quests, goal setting and much moreSo by the end of the course you will not only know about game mechanics, you will have the ability to take action and get the results you are chasing easier with game mechanics.And thats the key word hereEASIER.Because at the end of the day you already know what you want deep down inside.All that youre lacking is that extra drive, that push, that extra motivation to push you FROM PONDERING TO DOING.And thats my promise with this course, to help you find the right gamification elements you can apply to your life or business and MOVE FORWARD AND WIN.And Ive also made it simple for you:This course is NOT:10 hours filled with boring presentationsstuck up approach where I give a one size fits all methodtheory with no practical applicationThis course is just the exact mix of theory, examples and to-dos to get you to take action and reach your goals.So either you want to:get that promotionimprove your productivityallocate more time to that hobbymake work fun againnot be bored out of your mind at workgrow your business while having funhave customers be more loyal boost repeat purchasesmake progress on that impossible projectmake the relationship with your loved ones more funlive a more fulfilling and purposeful lifeThis course WILL HELP YOU DO THAT.Im looking forward to hearing you share your results from adding gamification to your life.