GAMIFICATION CERTIFICATION IMPORTANT NOTICETHIS COURSE IS ONLY FOR: People that want to learn the foundations in a couple hours to implement gamification strategies in their business without having to learn all the theory or taking an 8 hour course to understand how Zynga or other mega corporations are redefining what gamification is. With this gamification course, you will not become an expert that can travel around the world speaking about gamification. What you will do save hours and hours of research online and reading 2 or 3 different books to try to come up with ideas to implement gamification for your business. You will get a well organized information about the subject, examples of how it can be used in small businesses and a step-by-step cheat-sheet to implement gamification in your business in the next 30 days.                                                                                 *********************************OVER 30,000+ PEOPLE ENROLLED ON OUR COURSES AND OVER 1,800 POSITIVE REVIEWS… THERE MUST BE A REASON FOR THAT!If you have seen other companies using gamification for their business or to engage their employees in a more motivating way. or if you have just read a few articles or heard about it; and you are intrigued and want to learn more so that you can too implement gamification strategies in your business, then this course will help you achieve that goal.But, before you enroll in this gamification course, let’s find out if it is really for you.What is Gamification in Business?Well it is when you implement game elements into your business, so that you can turn some mundane or common activities or behaviors into something more appealing to do. The idea of implementing these elements in your business is so that you can get customers to buy more, or to be more loyal, or employees to complete tasks that otherwise they might not do on time or at all. And these are just some examples of what you can achieve with gamification.  But the reality is that the possibilities are endless. Gamification for business is still a pretty new idea for most of the companies, so we are just at the beginning of an explosion of gamification ideas being implemented different industries, and different ways of using it. Is Gamification a Good Idea for your Business?Absolutely. Yes I know, how can we guarantee that without knowing anything about you? Well, easy, because every single business gan implement some aspects of gamification in one or another way. Yes! EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS. Some businesses might have more possibilities, some might be able to do more complex strategies, but every business can do some gamification:Gamification for small businesses and entrepreneurs: of course, not only they can use it, they must use it to be able to better compete for a market share in a world where social media marketing and big corporations are more and more relevant. With gamification, you can encourage customers to buy from you or hire you, and this without spending big amounts of money in marketing.Gamification for solopreneurs, coaches and consultants: If you are in this category, then you can (and should) learn how to implement gamification to increase your sales or to strengthen your customers’ loyalty. With some easy techniques you can make a big difference for your business.Gamification for shops, restaurants, clinics, etc: This is the same as small businesses, but I wanted to add this paragraph, because often, after saying that it works for “small businesses” someone will ask us “I have X kind of business, will it work for me?” and I just wanted to insist that yes it will.Gamification for Employee Engagement Gamification is not just a way to increase sales, you can use it to motivate your employees, to get them to be more engaged in their job, and more importantly, to enjoy their jobs more than they do right now.YOU SHOULD ENROLL IN THIS COURSE TODAY ONLY IFYou want to learn more about gamification to implement it in your business.You are mostly a happy person (I am not a big fun of haters, but if you are I wish you the best! and I will recommend you another course and give you 100 imaginary points!).You are going to make things happen!YOU SHOULD  DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT TAKE THIS COURSE IF (SERIOUSLY, DON’T ENROLL HERE IF YOU ARE IN ANY OF THE NEXT CATEGORIES PLEASE):You are an expert in gamification and are looking to become a master. Well, this is not your course, here you will learn the basic understanding to implement it in your business, and if you are an expert, you already know that.You tend to complain a lot, all the time, if the sun shines you complain, and if it rains you complain as well. Then, let me tell you you won’t enjoy this course :)Well, if you read all of this, that means that you can and should increase your status and become a VIP member:                                                                                                      ***ENROLL NOW***