Garageband iOS is Apple’s incredibly powerfulmobile recording studio that allows anyone to play and compose professional sounding music. It’s allowed individuals to create natural sounding orchestras with little more than their phone and a pair of headphones. In this class, we explore how Garageband works and how someone can compose their own music without any previous experience playing instruments or writing songs.We’ll look at some different genres of music, and build demos of each track, including:technotrip hop/ hip hopambient/ classical/ new ageEach genre of music has their own requirements, so within each demonstration we’ll work our way through:learning the types of instrumentsarpeggios and chordsusing quantization to straighten out our playingworking with samples from other sources and creating our own sound samplesmixing the music both within Garageband and using alternate digital workstationscreating filters and guitar amplifiers as a way to give texture to our musiclinking other music apps with Garagebandand much much more!