This course is suitable for every business handling personal information, whether that is of clients/customers, partners, suppliers or employees (including consultants and contract workers). Some businesses will have additional needs because of the nature of the information they process or the complexity of the processing, but this course is designed to enable businesses to move through the fundamentalelements of GDPRcompliance in logical steps.It’s intended as a walk-through: Watch the video for Step 1 and deal with Step 1 before watching the video for Step 2. Not all of the Steps require immediate action – some are intended to provide information for you to consider and develop an understanding of how future decisions could impact on your degree of compliance.Where additional resources are required we’ve included them with the relevant video as downloads. If you can use them as they are, go ahead, but if you need to make a few changes to fit your business then we won’t have any objections.