This course is designed and delivered in collaboration withMartin de Bruin,a recognised industry expert withover 20 years experience in data protection,information governance and information security to provide you with thefundamental knowledgerequired and to prove that you understand therequirements of the legislation.As a foundation course it can be seen as the first step towards practitioner level training for those individuals with more senior data processing responsibilities.We have managed to compress a 7 hour long GDPR Foundation course into 1 hour ofengaging content, case studies and quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare you for the official exam.You will learn:Essential General Data Protection Regulation background and terminologyThe six data protection principlesThe special categories of personal dataThe rights of data subjects, including data access requestsThe obligations of controllers and processorsData protection by designSecuring personal dataHow to report data breachesThe role of the data protection officer (DPO)Transferring personal data outside the EUThe powers of supervisory authoritiesCourse StructureModule 1 – Introduction to Data ProtectionQuizModule 2 Data Protection PrinciplesCase StudiesQuizModule 3 Lawful Processing & Delegated ActsCase StudiesQuizModule 4 Rights of the Data SubjectModule 5 GDPR RolesCase StudiesQuizModule 6 Transfers of personal dataCase StudyQuizModule 7 Supervisory AuthoritiesCase StudyQuizAfter completing the course you can take an official exam with IBITGQ to obtain EU GDPR Foundation Certificate.EU GDPR F online examThis is an ISO 17024-certificated, 60-minute, multiple-choice exam set by IBITGQ and is taken online.There are two online exam formats. The format taken will depend on your computers operating system.Duration: 60 minutesExam format: closed book, multiple choice Exam pass mark: 39/60 questions (65%)