Lessons from ex IBM-er, MICROSOFT-er about how to make privacy operational and how to get 3 privacy certifications in less than 30 days: CIPTv2020, CIPM, CIPP/E by IAPP******************************************************************************************************************************************************* 2020 Updated****  6+ hours of content! Learn GDPR by examples!***************************************************************************************************************************************************No prior GDPR knowledge is needed.CIPT, CIPM and CIPP/E certification preparation in a complete learning planThis is the 3rd course in a 6 course series that will drive you to Data Privacy expert and will allow you to go for all IAPP certifications: CIPT, CIPM and CIPP/E.MY FIRST PROMISE TO YOU is the following: You will be prepared to pass 3 IAPP certifications in less than 30 days if you follow the below learning plan:Course 1: Build EU GDPR data protection compliance from scratch (CIPT)Course 2: How to succeed in a Data Privacy Officer Role (GDPR DPO, CIPM)Course 3: GDPR Privacy Data Protection Case Studies Explained (CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT) – we are here!!!Course 4: Ultimate Privacy by Design Guide – step by step strategies with examples (CIPM, CIPT)Course 5: Build Security Incident Response for GDPR Data Protection (incl. parts from CIPT and CIPM also)Course 6: (part of CIPP/US): California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Complete course***************************************************************************************************************************************************My name is Roland Costea and after spending my last 8 years working for Microsoft, IBM, Genpact and Cognizant as a Privacy & Security Director being able to create hundreds of integrated security & privacy programmes for top organizations in the world, I have decided to put all my experience together in a comprehensive privacy LEARNING PLAN, to show how to actually make Data Privacy operational and most importantly how to think out of the box.I have been involved in engineering privacy for a lot of industries including Automotive (Mercedes-Benz, Geely, Volvo) and also provided DPO as a service for several other top companies in Europe and US. I have worked and developed the privacy strategy for Microsoft & IBM for the whole Central & Eastern Europe and also drived Cognizant Security & Privacy business in DACH.Certifications I hold: CIPT, CIPM, CISSP, CDPSE, CRISC, CISM, CCSK, CCSP, LPT, CEH, ECSA, TOGAF***************************************************************************************************************************************************This course will save you thousands of dollars in consultancy by teaching you how to THINK! this is your most important asset and you will stand out from the crowd who just knows theory.***************************************************************************************************************************************************Course Curricula:Section 1: IntroductionSection 2: Step by Step Customer Personal Data AnalysisSection 3: From Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) to Multinational examplesSection 4: International Transfers and DPOSection 5: Subject Access Requests (SARs/DSARs) – how to deal withSection 6: IAPP exam questions analysed: CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPTSection 7: Bonus