GeeForex – Technical Analysis Forex Trading



This course is created with the main goal of teaching people to become self-sufficient traders. While it is great to be able to use third party sites and signals, it is pointless if you don’t know enough to be able to make proper trading decisions.By taking you from the very basics which even a lot of experience traders sometimes overlook, you get a solid foundation to start building on. The focus of this course is to teach you a trading strategy I have used for nearly 15 years, and make sure that you have at least enough knowledge of other aspects of Forex trading to avoid some of the most common mistakes that new traders make.My first Forex course I created nearly ten years ago before Udemy was even a thing! Since then I have hosted seminars, created courses for myself, worked for some of the largest brokers on the continent and have had hundreds of private students. This course is based on feedback I have received over the years and is the new foundation of all my online learning.