Genealogy and Family History Research



Did you know that genealogy was ranked as the #2 hobby enjoyed most by Americans, right behind gardening? Over 40% of participants surveyed said they participate in family history research on a regular basis!Have you ever been curious about your roots?This course is a comprehensive guide to creating your family tree and finding your ancestors using genealogical databases (such as Ancestry, Family Search, and American Ancestors), as well as gathering important family documents and records through offline research. We will cover the different genealogical databases that are out there and how to use them, how to create a family tree,how to submit names to the temple for ordinances if you’re LDS, how to locate and use important records containing family information, how to find famous ancestors (such as European royalty, Mayflower passengers, American Revolution ancestors, religious figures,or celebrities), how to join lineage societies (such as the DARor Mayflower Society), how to useDNA kitsto guide your research, how to preserve your own family history documents,and how to write and publish your family history, among other topics. Helpful step-by-step video tutorials will show you the ropes and have you finding your ancestors in no time!You may feel hesitant, but I can assure you that anyone can learn how to do genealogy.The only pre-requisite skills are knowing how to use a computer and the internet.I went from having only three names on my family tree to nearly 1,200 in just 30 days. With the tools and techniques in this course, you can do the same! THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE GENEALOGY COURSE AVAILABLE ON UDEMY.It helps to have subscription to Ancestry prior to beginning this course. While you won’t need it to complete the course, I’ve found this site the most helpful in finding records and gathering information, which you’ll no doubt want to do after you complete the course.By the end of this course, you will be able to effectively utilize several different research methods and databases, as well as create a family tree and understand more of your cultural and ethnic heritage. Join me on this journey tofamily discovery!