This course is for those new to mapping and GIS, as well as anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how it all works and why. You will learn practical skills that can be applied to your own work using cutting-edge software. We have created sections to cover GIS basics, and we dedicated a section to LiDAR and UAV/Drone data processing, both techniques are booming nowadays (even the self driving cars companies are using LiDAR technology!). The main topics we cover are:GIS Basics- Data types- Software Introduction- Raster Data- Vector Data- Free Data Sources- Web Map Services Applications- Surveying – Hydrology- Telecom – LiDAR Data- UAV Data (Photogrammetry)- Heat MapsTo get started click the enroll button.I hope to see you in the course soon! TAKE ACTION TODAY! I will personally support you and ensure your experience with this course is a success. Best