German B1 – Intermediate German



Learn German B1 Level From An Experienced German Teacher!The course will start by introducing you to probably the easiest part of the B1 German grammar and work your way up to learning more intermediate German Grammar & the German Culture.Apart from the 79 grammar lectures, this course also includes 5 videos about German idioms. German culture, the German Educational System, German celebrations as well as valuable tips on how to learn languages more efficiently. This course also includes one video which will show and prepare you for the speaking part of the B1 German language certification.GOALS/LEARNINGS:Become Competent In German B1 GrammarLearn More About the German Culture Like Food, Celebrations, Places to VisitLearn About The German Educational System Get Valuable Tips On How To Learn German More Efficiently Learn Common German IdiomsYou will learn the following:Grammar:Zukunft im Prsens Zeitangaben – Zukunft Modalpartikel Kausale Konjunktionaladverbien Kausaladverbien Artikelwort “Welch-” Artikelwort “Irgendein-” Als Ob The Verb “Brauchen” And Its Correct Usage Konjunktionen The Word “nmlich” Pronomen Subclauses With “dass” Adjektivendung -bar Finalangaben Difference Between “von” and “aus” The Verb lassen” and Its Correct Usage unpersnliche Ausdrcke Klassen der unregelmigen Verben Genitiv Genitiv Possessivartikel Demonstrativpronomen Genitiv “indem” and sodass” Adjektivdeklination Konzessive Stze Modalverben und ihre Bedeutung Direktionaladverbien Perfekt Modalangaben Indirekte Fragen Konditionalstze Infinitivstze Komposita Prteritum Plusquamperfekt Werden – Vernderung weil – da – dennKonjunktiv II – irreale Wnsche Konjunktiv II – Wunschstze Konjunktiv II – Modalverben The Word “falls” Verben mit Infinitiv Prfix un- Prpositionaladverbien Verben mit Prpositionalobjekt Relativpronomen Temporale Nebenstze Vorgangspassiv Passiv im Nebensatz Passiv ohne Subjekt Passiv im Perfekt Passiv im Prteritum Passiv im Plusquamperfekt Adjektive als Nomen Adjektiv-Kombination Mehrteilige Konjunktionen Modaladverbien Partizip II als Substantiv Culture:German Idioms German Educational System German Celebrations German Culture (Food, Places, Virtues) Bonus:Tips On How To Learn A Language More Efficiently If you are not familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; here is a brief overview:A1 – Complete beginnerA2 – ElementaryB1 – IntermediateB2 – Upper intermediateC1 – AdvancedC2 – ProficientI hope you join me inside the course & have you as one of my students. Join my course now!