German for Beginners Level 2 online video course is a continuation of the German for Beginners introductory course. This course is designed as an easy to use, fun and interactive introduction to more topics of the German language. This course will teach you the structures and vocabulary necessary in order to communicate in every day situations. It focuses on day-to-day conversational topics and will give you an extended understanding of the language. You'll develop a better understanding and improve your German skills through speaking and using the language, instead of spending weeks on learning grammar rules. Whats inside? This course has over 77 Lectures, built around 12 core topics: 1. Basic Phrases and Vocabulary (1): Making Social Contact 2. Essentials (1) 3. Basic Phrases and Vocabulary (2): In the City 4. Basic Phrases and Vocabulary (3): The Invitation 5. Essentials (2) 6. Basic Phrases and Vocabulary (4): Expressing Feelings and Wishes 7. Conclusion 8. Introduction and Basic Grammar 9. Essentials (3) 10. Leisure 11. In the City 12. Food and Drinks Invitation 13. Travel and Geography After each lecture you can review what you learned and strengthen your newly acquired knowledge by taking quizzes. After completing the German For Beginners Level 2 course you will be able to communicate in practical, day-to-day situations in German more extensively and not only develop a natural understanding of the language, but also extend your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. Start learning German today and see you on the inside! Course updated on February 15th, 2015.