German grammatical cases – intensive training



Learn The German Grammatical Cases From An Experienced German Teacher!This course is all about the four German grammatical cases. If you have difficulties with understanding what the grammatical cases are and how understand the difference between each case, this case is perfect for you. Beginners as well as advanced students can participate in this course. You will learn the prepositions of each grammatical case, many verbs which are used with the cases and also the situations in which you need each case.At the end of the course we will practice to determine the objects and their corresponding grammatical case by braking down single sentences step by step.In my work as a German teacher I see very often that many students have difficulties with the grammatical cases, thus Im sure that this course can be very valuable for you, if you struggle with that, too.By comparing and explaining the German cases with the English cases, it will become much more clear to you, how to use them correctly.This course includes the following:- nominative- accusative- dative- genitive- two way prepositions (Wechselprpositionen)- demonstrative pronouns in all 4 grammatical cases (Demonstrativpronomen)- possessive determiner in all 4 grammatical cases (Possessivartikel)- adjective declension in all 4 grammatical cases (Adjektivdeklination)- how to determine what the nominative, accusative, dative and genitive object in a sentence isI hope you join me inside the course & have you as one of my students. Join my course now!