German Language A1: Learn German For Beginners!



Learn German A1 Level From Scratch From An Experienced German Teacher!The course will start by introducing you to the German alphabet and work our way up to learning German Grammar, Vocabulary, & Conversation. Apart from the 31 grammar lectures, this course also includes 17 animated videos which will make it easier for you to learn basic German conversations as well as the vocabulary. It is an interactive course with a lot of varied input and a very experienced and motivated German teacher who will lead you through the entire course.This course also includes 2 videos which will show and prepare you for the speaking and writing part of the A1 German language certification.GOALS/LEARNINGS:Become Fully Competent In German A1 LevelMaster The Basics Of The German LanguageLearn The Grammar & Vocabulary Of German LanguageLearn The Basics Of Conversation In GermanLearn German Pronunciation, Speaking, & WritingBe Able To Confidently Introduce Yourself In GermanBe Able To Make An Appointment In GermanBe Able To Order Food In A Restaurant In GermanLearn To Count & Say Numbers In GermanLearn To Read & Write In GermanLearn what the speaking and writing part of the A1 German language certificate looks like and how to do thatYou will learn the following:Grammar:The Alphabet Conjugation Of Regular Verbs The Nominative Numbers Gender Rules Plural Irregular Verbs Tips On How To Learn A Language More Efficiently Compound Words The Word “es” Formal Salutation The Accusative Word Order Of Main Clauses Separable And Inseparable Verbs Modal Verbs The Dative Negation How To Form Questions Conjunctions The imperative Possessive Determiner Demonstrative Pronouns Indefinite Pronouns Temporal Adverbs Perfect Tense (Perfekt) Introduction To The Simple Past (Prteritum) Introduction To The Comparative Indefinite Pronouns I DictationsConversation:Pronunciation Rules How To Introduce Yourself How To Make Appointments Using Public Transport Looking For Apartments Asking For / Giving Directions How To Say The Time And Date Doctor’s Visit How To Order Food In A RestaurantVocabulary:Colours Family Body Clothing At home Food & Beverages Animals Professions I Weather Leisure Time Activities Emotions & Adjectives Countries & Nations Means of Transport If you are not familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; here is a brief overview:A1 – Complete beginnerA2 – ElementaryB1 – IntermediateB2 – Upper intermediateC1 – AdvancedC2 – ProficientI hope you join me inside the course & have you as one of my students. Join my course now!