Get Hired! Jobseekers Guide to Answering Interview Questions



This is a crash course for acing job interviews. Whether youre a freshie looking for your first job or an experienced employee looking for a new start, this course is your express guide to conquer the two main components of any job interview in less than an hour. First component will be body language and gestures, and second will be strategies, tips and exercises in dealing with common interview questions. 55% of communications takes place through body language. – Mehrabian Winning over an interviewer requires your answers to be accompanied with appropriate body language and other non-verbal communication which compliments your answers. Learning these two components will significantly increase your chances of landing that dream job. Things You Will Learn Impress your interviewer and increase your chances of being hired by leveraging on Body Language DOs and DONTs Make yourself the most desirable candidate by understanding the reason interviewers ask a specific question, what information they expect to get from you with that question and how to answer to your advantage. (Downloadable Sample Answers and worksheets provided) We Want You To Succeed! We believe that your success is our success. Through the Q&A section, we promise to deliver all the support our experienced team can provide to help you nail that interview. Common questions will be updated regularly complete with analysis of the question as well as strategies to answer them.