————————————————————————————————– 1. Most CVs end up in trash.Not if you do this:Design a one-pageresume.Buy a small cakeand cover it withyour resume (should be nicely designed).Make sure that the courier delivers the caketo the right person who will read your CV. – This make all the difference. ————————————————————————————————– 2. Find out the email of a person that should hire you (HRManager or even better, a CEO). Find one (big) problem that company is facing, then identify a way you can improve their business or solve their problem. Use Facebook custom audience option (paid Ads) to make a campaign where you and your solution (of that particular problem)will appear on the feed of this CEOeach time he/she opens the Facebook. Finally, they will call you and hire you. The best thing, you will spend less than $2. Conducting a job search is like an exam. You need to get prepared in order to get the job. It means that youhave the opportunity to take control of your career, regardless of what industry you want to get hired. This course is a compilation of already tested techniques and clear actions that will help you to climb those career ladders. Get a complete step-by-step blueprint to score a job, regardless of your level of expertise or the state of the economy. Our team spent more thanninemonths conducting research and extracting the best practices from the students who were using this method to land a job. The general conclusion was that the job search is a much simpler process than it looks like. Thatsimplerpart is carefully described in this course. Throughout the lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to complete action steps that will help you design your job search path. You’ll get as much out of this course as you choose to put into it. I expect that you do all the work and I will teach you how. This course is compiled of some of the best job search techniques, easy to follow lessons, good reads, and real examples. Join this course and design your own easy-to-follow-path that will land you a job. During this course, you will enter a process that will help you to acquire important life skills. Our students have improved their negotiation and communication skills and learned the simplicity of getting what they want. This course is win-win situation for anyone seeking a better job. I encourage you to take the course because 0 (zero) you already have, so you can only profit from it. This course is coming with Udemy’s30-Day Money-Back-Guarantee,so in case you dont get hired in the first 30 days, please request your money back. I will try to bring you through the whole course, and will be happy to answer any question you might have. Join the course, and Ill see you inside. Course is delivered by Vince and Edo.