Look, I’ll cut the small talk.I created thisproductivitycourse as a complete resource ontime management of productivity for professionals everywhere.I’ve been passionate about time managementfor over 10years and placedall that practical experience and documentation into this 3 hour course.There’s nobodyblockingyou more from achieving your goals than yourself.And it doesn’t really matter if we are talking aboutpersonal or professional productivity. Goals are goals and achieving or failing to achieve themfollows the same principles.SoHOWDOIPLANto get you from “wanting” to “doing”?First we go over the productivity of you where we look at things like willpower, motivation, habits, goal setting, decision making and of course your comfort zoneThen we go over your patterns that include everything you do and how you do it. We look at the 4 quadrants of productivity, at the Pareto principle, analyze the grey zone andthe pomodoro technique. We also look at enemies of time management like multitasking, information overload and procrastinationThen we shift focus from you to building a team, because once you’ve mastered yourself it’s time to grow. We look at recruiting, managing your team, effective meetings, reports and even company culture.Nearing the end we look at a wide range of productivity tools either focused on maximizing your output by being productive or by making communication more efficientThen although not central to business we look at some very influential factors to your productivity like exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep and the people around you.And we wrap everything up with a simple and actionable battle plan that will allow you to go from knowing to doingSoHERE’SMYPROMISE:If you watch this productivitycourse andAPPLYat least one time management techniqueyou learned from it,you will get significant improvement in that area of your life.It’s as simple as that. No secret recipe, no magic.The only variable that I have zero control overand you are the only one that has, isYOUTAKINGACTION.That’s all.Right now you might lack some productivityconcepts, tools or strategiesto achieve your goals, but after watching thistime managementcourse all you’ll lack will be ACTION.MyONLY MISSIONwith this courseis to get an email from YOU, 4 weeks from now,saying:”I did that thing you said in Lecture Xand got these results. Thank you.”And that THANKYOUis MYWIN.So, Enjoy!And remember what’s essential….DOING!