Hello and Welcome!Scared of coding interview?This course will practice you withthe must knowJava interviewquestions.In additionit will also prepare you to crackJava puzzle pattern.If you can learn the pattern, you can beat coding interview!If you want to get your dream job, and you are serious about your careeryou should take this course.In this course we will review Java interviewquestions from different areas:Java Fundamentals String, exceptions, autoboxing, garbage collectors and more.Arrays -advantages and disadvantages, initialization, search, sort, puzzle.Object Oriented Concepts -encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance and abstraction. More practically we will discuss inheritance, interface and abstract classes, access modifier, overriding vs Hiding, marker interface and much more.Collections – Framework overview, List, ArrayList, Vector, Iterator.Maps – Map interface, HashMap, HashtablePuzzles -Programming puzzles and”What wrong with this code?” questionsare frequently asked in software programming Interviews in order to check your knowledge, your logical thinking and how strong and clear your mind is.Interview process -Improve your soft skills and understand the interview process that you are going to pass.Lesson structureThe lecture were divided to short lectures of about 5 min each, so you will be able to come back to a specific topic and replay the lesson without the need to search in a specific long video for the part that you would like to repeat on. Each lesson will include several questions; all of them are from real interviews. We’ll go over the questions and answerthem. QuizSummarizing each few classes there will be a quiz, designed to repeat the material and help the student understand it even better.