Get your PfMP Certification on your first attempt course will provide you with all what you need to grasp the portfolio management standards as per the The Standard for Portfolio Management Third Edition which was published by Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2013. The course will start with the definitions of the project, the program and the portfolio as per the PMI, then it will outline the Portfolio management, the three Portfolio Management Process Groups, and the five Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas. The course will build a dictionary for all the portfolio management inputs and outputs by listing them, grouping them in three groups, and displaying their recurrence across the portfolio management processes. It will also build another dictionary for the portfolio management tools and techniques that will contain list of all tools grouped in three groups with their recurrence across the different portfolio management processes. Then, the course will cover the five knowledge areas, the portfolio Strategic Management, the portfolio Governance Management, the portfolio Performance Management, the portfolio Communication Management, and the portfolio Risk Management. The course will go through all the processes within each mentioned knowledge area. This course will pinpoint some important portfolio management tips to complete your understanding of the portfolio management standards. This course also presents a case study called Technology Portfolio Case Study that help you to materialize these standards into real artifacts, which will service you in your practical life and your working organization. All the previous mentioned topics contain unique charts with color coding that help you to understand the portfolio management standards in swift and easy way. Finally, this course will help you to prepare for the PfMP exam by describing the exam outlines, exam question types, 21 exam tips, study plan, and the real exam screen.If you are PfMP certified professional, at the completion of this course, you can claim 4 PDUs in your PfMP CCR program.