Hi, Im an animator, but I also dabble a little in games and I know from bitter experience that it can be really hard to do some basic movement in game engines without a little help. So I thought i’d pass on a few Hints, Tips & Scripts, that can help other animators interested in games test out their work in a practical way.If your an animator or designer interested in games, this course is for you, were going to …Export our animations from whatever program you use, my preferred one is Anime Studio Pro, but as long as the one you use lest you exports .PNG’s were good to go.If you don’t have animations to work with, no problem I’ve supplied files for you to work with.Only 5 short video’s and you will have your 2D character strutting back and forth your monitor in 45 minutes.We’ll take it slow and if at any point you get stuck, i’m an email away.