Once upon a time, JavaScript could only be used for simple form validators. Well, time has changed and if youre a web designer or developer, chances are that your next big project requires a cutting edge web application framework that offers state of the art features such as a Virtual DOM, Reactivity, Superhero performance, all with afeather light footprint.That is where Vue JS comes in. Vue JS is an amazing JavaScript framework for building high performance user interfaces but has enough ammo to power your next killer web application.In this beginners course on Vue JS, we will go from the absolute basics of a framework, including concepts such as DOM and setting up a development environment, to understanding core Vue features, essential workflows and best practices.You will work through 20+ hands-on exercises to solidify your command on essential Vueconcepts.Vue offers the best of Angular and React and features a component based architecture that lets you break down your app or even an interface into manageable and scalable functional units.Vueapps offer incredible performance that is neck to neck and even better than some of the leading web app frameworks in use today. Vue features a Virtual DOM that is lighter than the rest and delivers impeccable performance.By the end of the course, you wouldve mastered essential fundamentals that will enable you to:Build and Integrate Vue micro apps into existing websites.Build complete data driven single page web applications.Fetch data from third party APIs.Use Vues Single File Component architecture for building large scale apps.Incorporate routing in your single page Vue apps.Power your Vue apps using Googles Firebase Realtime Database.Secure your Vue apps using Firebase Authentication.Deploy Vue apps on the web.and lots moreIf youre a web designer, developer or evena project manager with a goal to master or picka web application framework for your project, but are too afraid to begin, then this is your chance to finally realise your dream. Vue is surprisingly simple to learn, which makes it a winner and enables existing production grade projects and teamsto incrementally bring it into their ecosystem.One of the best things about this course is the personalised hand-holding that I offer to all my learners. As a student of this course, you are invited to interact with me and seek help. It is my endeavour to ensure your success.All lessons come with start and end files and Im committed to updating this course in line with Vues evolution and future.Vue has gained tremendous ground and its community is growing exponentially. So, hop on in and together, learn Vue JS.