GIT: Advanced commands



This course is a deeper dive into GIT.As such, it is expected that you would have at least some working knowledge of GITbefore you take this course.For example, you should be familiar with basic commands like”add, commit, push, pull, fetch, and merge.”You should also have a basic working knowledge of working with a REMOTE repository like GitHub or BitBucket.The first part of this course will just make sure we’re setup for the remaining part of the course and serve as a simple review.This includes basic stuff like getting an account at GitHub, setting up our machine for working with GIT, and setting a few default configurations.Feel free to skip this part of the course if you are already good to go.The bulk of the course will thentake a deeper dive into the following commands:git commit –amendgit refloggit rebasegit config –globalaliasgit fetch –prunegit reset [both soft and hard resets]git cleangit revertgit cherry-pickgit stashgit tagAdditionally, we’ll see what it looks like to perform different merges at GitHub to complete a pull request, includingSquash and MergeRebaseAt the completion of this course, you’ll be proficientwith some of the more advanced GITcommands that we encounter when working with GIT repositories on a daily basis in the real world.You’ll also have been exposed enough and understand enough about the commands to take your skills to the next level when working with GIT. You’ll alsoknow what it takes to make and keep your tree linear in your GIThistory, and you’ll have tools to rescue your repository when things get a bit tricky.