Give A Memorable 5-Minute Talk



Short presentations are IN! You may be introducing yourself to a new group, preparing a lightning talk, doing a show-and-tell, or sharing at a networking event.You have 5 minutes to make a lasting impression and maybe change a few minds.And frankly, most people blow it. Maybe you had to make a speech for a class – a captive audience. Maybe you need a speech coach for a big keynote address – overkill for 5 minutes.Short speeches leave a big impact but they’re really tough to pull off. There are half a dozen ways you can lose your audience (and maybe your credibility).But if you do pull it off, people remember you for a long, long time. I’ve had people come up to me weeks, months and occasionally even years after a talk. They never forget.I’m a former college professor, professional speaker, and amateur standup comedian. I’ve had to work for the attention of bored college first-years at 8 AM, tired executives from the 4 PM conference slot, and skeptical audiences in unmentionable comedy clubs. I’ve got you covered! If you follow all the videos, you’ll be eager to grab the microphone next time you’re offered a shot.