Give A Second Life To Old Furniture With Restoration Tips


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Everyone has a valuable piece of furniture somewhere at home, maybe in the attic, which is not valued for what it is or for its potential because of its condition. Paint stripping and subsequent varnishing can increase the value of your furniture in different ways; but, are you able to recognize the kind of varnish on the furniture and remove it in the most appropriate way without damaging the patina of it?The course consists of individual lessons on different concepts necessary to recognize the furniture and its varnish, and on different techniques to remove the varnish, in order to deal in the best suitable way with each piece of furniture.You will learn how to remove varnish from all kinds of furniture and give it a new life. You will see some furniture get a brand new look, even on new pieces.Lectures can be completed individually or in sequence.Course Structure (Sections)IntroductionIntroduction to paint strippingRecognizing different kinds of varnishChemical paint strippingThermal paint strippingHow can paint stripping increase the value of your furniture