Are you a musician in a band, or working towards being one? Are you wondering how you can turn all that hard work into hard cash?There are literally millions of amateur and semi-professional musicians around the world, many of whom think that for them, making money from their music is out of reach. Its just a distant dream. However, if youre good enough to play in public, youre good enough to be PAID to play in public. Despite the global economy making life difficult (especially for those determined souls playing their own material), the reality is that there is still a vibrant and enthusiastic market for bands playing covers. Its also a marketplace with some significant growth areas which are very rewarding for cover bands, probably the ONLY musical environment which is enjoying solid growth in 2018. This is a truly comprehensive course, which will guide you all the way from recruiting your first bandmates (if thats what you need) to performing professionally, with a busy and well-organised career. Along the way, youll find upbeat, engaging lectures on all the subjects you would expect, plus a lot more besides. There is a huge amount of material here, but Ive deliberately kept everything as light and easily-absorbed as possible. Ive also used some of my favourites anecdotes and Tales from the Road to help put things in perspective for you, and hopefully raise a smile. Heres a snapshot of some of the topics youll be covering on the course; Getting it all off the ground, from scratch. Addressing the age-old question; Old band or new? Auditions, and how to make them work for you ( from both sides of the room ). The all-important human elements; The Group Dynamic and People Skills. Finding your bands unique voice. Strategies for solo practice and band rehearsal. Developing your own repertoire. The trauma of agreeing on band names! What on earth do you look like? The right look for the role. Iconography Ensuring your logo and presentation is a professional reflection of YOU. Marketing tools in all their forms, and how to maximise their effectiveness. Getting those gigs. Pitching your price right; Being paid what youre worth. Free gigs and how to deal with them. Gigging successfully, at every stage, on every level. Before, during and after. Gigging practicalities; Dealing with other people, venues and equipment. Moving on up; Consolidation and building your reputation. Sound and lighting. Promoting your own gigs. Upping the ante; Stepping up to the BIG money. Weddings. Corporate Events. Cruise Ships. Professionalism, in every sense; What you need to do, to command those big fees. Presentation. Agencies, management and representation. Do you need them? Contracts, riders and quotations. Constantly reinventing yourselves, and offering alternatives. Summing up, with the Top Ten ( or 11! ) must-do hacks for professional musicians. There is of course a 30-day, no quibble money-back guarantee, and you can also check out the free preview video which will give you a flavour of the course before you commit to enrolling. So if youre already in a band and want to make it pay, or youre thinking that could be the way forward for you, this course has you in mind. It will equip, empower and hopefully inspire you, while answering all the questions you didnt even know you had!