Google AdSense: A Complete PPC WordPress Monetization Course



Earn passive income 24 hours a day by using Google AdSense ads to monetize your website. Wouldn’t you like to have $100, $200, $300, or more dropping into your bank account each month, month after month, for less than an hour’s worth of work? Google AdSense can make that happen for you, and it’s easy to do. In this course you’ll learn: What Google AdSense is. How to create your Google AdSense account How to navigate the AdSense dashboard. How to create three different types of popular income producing ads How to use a wordpress plugin to make the implementation to your site easier How to ad a Google AdSense ad to your site. All of this is done in less than an hour while following step by step instruction using screencast and lecture. By the end of this course, you will have at least one Google AdSense ad on your website earning you a passive income. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to this course where you can come back anytime to use as a refresher or ad more ads to your site.