Google Analytics is the no.1 web analytics tool available for data analysis. It is the most effective web analytics tool available allowing you to easily track your website audience, gain meaningful data and ultimately lead to more clicks and profit. This course teaches you how to quickly and easily set up Google Analytics, read the reports, interpret the data and crucially identify the data that leads to improved conversion rates and revenue. So don’t get left behind by your competitors and learn how to expertly navigate your way around Google Analytics.All encompassing coursecovering crucial aspects of Google Analytics focusing on all online site types.Designed forbeginnersto get straight into it andexpertsto apply new techniques28 CONTENT PACKED LECTURES,MAKING IT SIMPLE AND INSIGHTFULLEARNING TO USE GOOGLEANALYTICSNoPriorknowledge required on how to use this web analytics toolRECEIVE ALIFETIMEACCESS ON ALL MATERIALON THIS COURSEGet an Unconditional 30-day Money Back Guarantee -You don’t want any regrets leaving no stone un-turned in order to have a successfulonline storeAny futureupdates and add-ons will always be completelyFREEof chargeOnly Google Analytics is required togo through this course which is 100% FREE to use WHAT IS COVERED IN THIS COURSE: I show you anin-depthmethod on howto use Google Analytics expertly. In thiscourseIidentifythe reporting sections within Google Analytics which have the greatest impact on your store performance. I walk through the steps required to get to the relevant data, analyse the data and even exporting this data outside Google Analytics to investigate further. All of this is done is a proven systematic way.I don’t just stop there but show you the type of data you should be looking for on a well performing store and the type of data to avoid through variousinsightfulmethods and techniques.All of this is conveyed through my own experiences withtried and testedmethods showing data on a test store, through this I show what indicators to look for which have the potential to transform your store and improve performance.Through this course I alsogive youaninsightonexpert techniques you might not have come across if you are already familiar with Google Analytics.The courseis packed withuseful tipsand methods giving you multiple ways to improve online store performance through Google Analytics, catering for all nomatter yourskill level.AFTER TAKING THIS COURSE YOU’LL LEARN 10 KEY POINTS:1. A system you can use time and time again toANALYSE KEY DATAon your online store traffic2. Methods on making itfun while looking for gold nuggets of data on your traffic3. Learn how to check if E-commerce products have potential or if the data suggests you stop any ads on them4. Determine which locations and devicesyou should be targeting on specific ads5. Pick up clever little tricks you can employ to drill down on data and release LASER FOCUSED ADS6. Become much more confident when analysing the data on your website traffic7. Learn how to focus your time on the E-commerce products with the potential for greater return.8. ENSURE YOUR NOT THROWING MONEY ON ADS WITH LITTLE RETURN BY NOT ANALYSING DATA ON YOUR TRAFFIC EFFECTIVELY9. Learn how you can apply this knowledge to all aspects of your online store data10. Become moreproactivein improving your website especially if its anE-commerce store,INTERESTED? SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION Thisdiscountedcourse price will only be available for the next few days as the price will be going up shortly.Take advantage of this course while you can and have UNLIMITED ACCESS AT NO EXTRA COST!After taking this course pleasefeel free to ask any questionsyou have on the contentand I’ll be more than happy to answer.I’ve packed as much content on this course as I canensuring it doesn’t become too long, please let me know through feedback if you would like any additional help and tips on Google Analyticsand I willupdatemy course accordingly.All updates will be included and you pay NO extra cost.Join the 1200+ Students that are currently enrolled into this Google Analytics: Secrets Revealed To Increase Conversions course. All that remains is toclick onTake This Coursebutton on the top right corner and start your Google Analyticsjourney!