Course covers applying Google Apps Script to create an application from scratchSearch YouTube – return the results and output the results into a web app page, or track the results into a spreadsheet.Source code is included and it is suggested to try the code for yourself.This is a starter project which you can extend upon and make more advanced functionalityCourse coversAdding YouTube service to Google Apps Script projectUsing youTube Service in Google apps Script codeSearching YouTube and returning the results into JSON dataUsing results within code to output contentSetting up a webapp with Google Apps ScriptSending data from client side to server side with Google ScriptUsing JavaScript to create elements and add event listeners to webpageWriting content to a Google SpreadsheetTaught by an instructor with over 20 years of experience ready to help you learn more about Google Apps ScriptYou have nothing to lose – see what amazing things you can build with Google Apps Script.