DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE IF YOU HAVE NO JAVASCRIPT EXPERIENCE  – JAVASCRIPT IS AN ABSOLUTE PREREQUISITE!!!Get started with Google Apps Script – Perfect course for beginners who want to explore what they can do with Google Apps ScriptBONUS – Downloadable PDF course Guide – with links and resources.Introduction to Google Script – how to access it and how it works.Apps Script is based on JavaScript 1.6, (1.7 and 1.8). Many basic JavaScript features in addition to the built-in and advanced Google services. Apps Script code runs on Google’s servers. Knowledge of JavaScript is a prerequisite to Google Apps Script which will allow you to jump right in and begin coding.  – Just like JavaScript with some extra methods.The course covers the following topics and is designed a quick beginners guide to using and creating Google Apps Script applications. How and where to begin codingHow Google Apps Script worksGoogle Marcos – really apps script codeEditing and updating script codeGetting familiar with the Script editorStandalone and Bound scriptsDocument ServiceJavaScript in Google Apps ScriptJavaScript Variables, Arrays, Objects, Loops, Conditions, Functions….Coding JavaScript within Apps ScriptExplore the online editor File TabCreating new filesApps Script triggersView tab and debuggingRun tab and debugging Create a web app publish tabUsing html file for client side web appWeb apps made dynamicDialogs and UI optionsDocument as PDFSpreadsheet serviceSheet data and UICopy and select content in range and objectsSpreadsheet and calendarSource Code is includedFast friendly support within the Q&A section – taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experiencing ready to help you learn.What are you waiting for join now and start creating your own amazing projects with Google Apps Script.