Explore how you can use Google Apps Script to create a project management tracking application from scratch.Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G SuiteDO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE IF YOU HAVE NO JAVASCRIPT EXPERIENCE  – JAVASCRIPT IS AN ABSOLUTE PREREQUISITE!!!Course covers the following in a step by step format, source code is included along with a bonus 20+ page PDF guide.Get Coding Google Apps Script quick introduction to accessing your Google Script EnvironmentUpdating the menu with custom buttons SpreadsheetApp.getUiAdd additional functions and menu items.The sidebar UI showSidebarSend data from spreadsheet to client side sidebar window.Create html page to send data using google.script.runCreate Input Form HTML Use Add saving event pass values to Google ScriptAdd data to spreadsheetSet Values in spreadsheetCreate WebApp to view project status chartGet all data from spreadsheet send to client side.Create Client Side Chart google.charts client side gantt chart display data from spreadsheetTest and Finalize project Source Code is includedFast Friendly support to help answer any questions you might have and to help clarify content is always available in the Q&A section. Taught by an instructor with over 20 years real world experience ready to help you learn more.  Step by step training resources and source code is also included to get you started quickly.