Explore how you can connect your Twitter Account using Google Apps Script and automate posts coming from your Spreadsheet data.All of the source code is included as well as step by step lessons to help you learn about the code being used and illustrate what it does.AUTOMATED TWITTER POSTING APPLICATION – If you use Social Media this course is for you, simplify posting market your stuff post from Google SpreadsheetsBonus PDF Twitter Posting Guide with resources and code snippetsCourse includesHow to create a Spreadsheet in Google and how to add script to the spreadsheet *Please note that you will need a Google Account to do this!!!!How to setup an app as a Twitter Developer, create the app and get secret keys and tokens to automate Twitter interactions.  Please note that you will need a Twitter Developer account which can be requested if you have a Twitter Account.   You will also need to submit and get your app approved in order to get Developer App keys and TokenHow to access Google Apps Script Developer Code Editor and write Google ScriptWhich library to use and how to add libraries of existing code to your Google Apps ScriptSetup a Twitter App and create keys and tokens to automate appBasics of using the library to search for Tweets How to send posts within the Google Apps Script codeUsing Google Script to get Spreadsheet data and sort columnsCreating Conditions to setup content for Tweet.  Getting content from Spreadsheet data.Tweet testing and posting of content to TwitterSetup Triggers to automate application and script to run at set times.Source Code is included.Enjoy learning have fun!!!!Try the code for yourself and explore what you can do with JavaScriptFast Friendly support to help answer any questions you might have and to help clarify content is always available in the Q&A section.  Taught by an instructor with over 20 years real world experience ready to help you learn more.  Step by step training resources and source code is also included to get you started quickly.