Explore how you can create a simple powerful application with Google Apps Script that connects your Google Suite togetherUse Google Apps Script to create advanced functions within your spreadsheetUse the spreadsheet to manage a user list, click the members on the list and send out confirmation emails.  Track emails that have been sent.  Create your own custom HTML template mail that gets sent to the users on the list.  Use the spreadsheet UI menu to add buttons for administration of the spreadsheet data.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to create powerful functionality that helps power up your Google Suite of products.JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course.Course covers applying Google Apps Script to build a project application.Add items to the spreadsheet UI menu that can trigger functions in Google Apps ScriptSelect user active cell content from the spreadsheetCreate HTML template to send emailUse Alerts to accept user actionsUpdate values of the spreadsheet dataSelect ranges and update content in the rangeGet content from the spreadsheetSend email from Google Apps ScriptGoogle Script Apps Email From Spreadsheet list Source code is included so you can copy and paste the code to try for yourself.Step by step learningFast friendly support is always available within the Q&A sectionExperienced instructor with over 20 years of experience ready to help you learnYou have nothing to lose – Join now and start learning to create your own version of this helpful application today!!!