Please note this course covers how to use Google Apps Script to automate and increase productivity within gSuite – Coding is requiredGoogle Apps Script is based off JavaScript and you can write code online in the online editor, only requirement is a Google Account to get started.This is a coding course! – JavaScript experience is a prerequisite to write Google Apps Script code.Course covers the basics of setting up form submission.Using Spreadsheets to track data Setting up triggers of scripts to automate contentCoding includes below :Setting up form to submit dataSending an email on form submission : setup of trigger to catch form submissionsUse of Spreadsheet to track data Update and getting content from the Spreadsheet to use in Google Apps Script codeUpdate set and get of Sheet dataSending of emails from sheet data – checking to see if user from sheet already has email sentAdding UI for advanced menu option within spreadsheetSource code is included so you can copy and paste the code to try for yourself.Step by step learningFast friendly support is always available within the Q&A sectionExperienced instructor with over 20 years of experience ready to help you learnYou have nothing to lose – Join now and start learning to create your own version of this helpful application today!!!