Groupon Marketing For Local Merchants



Marketing for local merchant can be confusing and time consuming. This course is ideal for any business seeking to grow its customer base quickly without putting a lot of money out of their pocket. Using Groupon's is one of the best ways for a local merchant to grow their business fast and without a lot of up front expenses. This course teaches you the most effective way to plan and implement Groupon campaigns so ensure profitability and long term results.Local marketing consultants will also benefit from this course if they are seeking to expand their services to clients. Simply adding the service of creating and managing a local merchants Groupon campaign can add thousand of dollars per month to your income. This course covers the most effective way to use Groupon's to grow and profitEvery step is outlined from planning to executionsA lot of emphasis on a business centric approach to implement campaigns so that you can maximize the impacts Groupons can have on your business.All lectures are video based, with some handouts and quizzes.