Growing and Using Edible Flowers-healthy, nutritious food.



Have you noticed the growing popularity of using edible flowers in many dishes? Food magazines seem to be adorned with glorious images of colourful flowers in and around food. Learn the skills with this online course on how you can grow your own. You cant use any flower as many are very toxic but this course will give you the skills to identify the edible species to grow.I will teach you how to grow edible plants form seed, how to successfully plant seedlings and how to take a semi-hardwood cutting. Even if you have no garden space I will give you options and ideas for small space growing using edible flowers. Study this course and wow your family, dinner guests or friends with gorgeous tasting and looking dishes. Begin this course now and you could be serving your own home-grown, organic, edible flowers in one of many different forms in a matter of weeks.Contained in this 13 part video based online course is a downloadable booklet on selecting correct plant species to grow, site selection, harvest notes, propagation and an identifying image. Also included is a recipe booklet focussing on the many and varied ways which edible flowers can be used in the kitchen.