This course provides an overview of the latest GWT (2.8.x)version features such as JsInterop and also Elemental 2. Ittakes a different look at GWT in the way that it promotes itsusageas ahelper tool that converts Java to JavaScript rather than a full fledged web framework. The course is aimed at you, whether you are new or have already worked with GWT, and has as main objective to simplifyGWT development, and to make your GWT applications maintainableand future proof. The course presents both theory and practice material, and comes withfunquizzes to help you learn better. About myself:I am Full stack developer with over 8 years of experience working on various projects including GWT projects. I have also contributed to GWT documentation. I enjoy working with Java and open source stuff. I blog often about Java and GWT and I am Interested in the transpiling of all JVM languages to JavaScript.