Are you suffering from Anxiety? Have you experienced a panic attack in the public and you feel shame about it? Do you feel excessive stress and uncontrollable fear? Do you want to cope with the Anxiety, Stress and Fear?Do you experience palpitation and nausea when you feel stress?If you say Yes, then this is the right course for you! But read more, and we make it easier (but not shorter) for you! Pick any numbers of questions and read on! Question 1: Why You Fail to Break Free from the Anxiety?You see, when you have Anxiety, the force of intensity drains the energy out from your body! You will feel nausea, stomach discomfort and palpitation throughout the period of Anxiety.Then, when you think you can relax at home, your body is NOT allowing you to relax! Instead, the body works hard to circulate the energy back to the entire system. In the process, you become restlessness, and that is when the Anxiety accumulates again!Millions of people find it difficult to break free from Anxiety, and the reason is this:They are living in the cycle of Anxiety. Their energy is in the vortex of Anxiety. Their state of consciousness is focusing on the Anxiety!Question 2: How do we break free from the Anxiety?It is easy! First you need to know the energy of Anxiety! Im not talking about the illness. Im 100% referring to the Energy. Many people try to heal the most chaotic energy in the Universe! Can you imagine you are in the middle of chaos, and you attempt to un-chaos the energy? Come on! You will fail and drained.Stop fighting the Anxiety! Instead, let’s DO something different this time. Question 3: What This Course Cover?This course offers you more than coping with the Anxiety. This time, you will get to hack the healing techniques and you get to discover the chaotic pattern of Anxiety in You. Then master how to manipulate the Anxiety to make Law of Attraction works again! And unfold the magic of Powerful Affirmation.Not just that! Eliminate all the excessive energy in your body in just few minutes! Here are the bonuses:Master the Art of Shifting with Anxiety. Decode how to reverse Anxiety in no time! Question 4: How This Course Benefit You?By the end of the course (Udemy favourite words!), you can expect one or all of these:Elimination of excessive energy from your body.Hands-On Energy healing (without attunement) that you can use any time and anywhere.Technique of EFT for Anxiety.Heal from your traumatic experience. Master a skill of motion meditation (I’m not talking about sleep-walking folks! Moving on!)Increase your inner strength and courage to face your fear.Detachment practice the easy way.Increase your ability to feel calm and relax even during the anxiety attack.Oh, wait! Did I mentioned that I use same techniques to coach clients on Anxiety and the success rate is 90%?* If you willing to give yourself a try, why not? You have nothing to lose because this course comes with Money Back Guarantee policy.Question 5: Is this Course about Medical Science?Sorry! We do not do medical aspect of Anxiety. It is too complicated for chaotic energy. This course guides you to see Anxiety from the eyes of Spirituality, with a little scoop of Metaphysic and Science of Consciousness. In the other words, we are going to learn how the energy of Anxiety screw up our mind, emotion and Soul and how we can stop it from ruin our life! Question 6: Who Should Enrol This Course?Hacking Energy Healing for Anxiety welcome people who suffered from the Anxiety, Panic Attack and Overwhelming Stress, which cover all ages, education and backgrounds. Moreover, if you are a professional who seek to understand Anxiety the spiritual way, then you might want to enrol for this course.Question 7: Who Should Not Enrol This Course? We just welcomed everyone, didnt we? However, we have EXCEPTION:If you only seek a scientific and medical approach to heal Anxiety, then sorry folks! This course offers limited information in these two areas. Dont get disappointed! We warn you!If you are a sceptic in spirituality and energy healing, then this course is not for you.Question 8: If you still hesitate, read this will you?Four years ago, I shifted from Anxiety to higher vibration in just 30 minutes. One of the secret is I Dont Wait for transformation to happen. I consciously choose to shift my moments and create new ripple effects Without the Anxiety in it. My life changed since then. My health got better. Law of Attraction works wonder after the healing and I am financially healthy too. To be successful become a lot easier without the anxiety. Today, as a Certified Energy Coach, I guide many people in shifting their life including the Anxiety. One of my client whom I coached for two hours told me this couple of months ago:”The coaching on become aware of the feelings, the four steps of healing and forgiveness, truly makes a different. I felt a lot better after forgiving myself. Sleeping was a lot better too. Restlessness once in a while but NO Anxiety! I no longer feeling the rush. It is easy to be at peace with my body these days. Thanks a lot, Rose! You are a life saver at the right time, and you are one of the best things that happened to me in 2015!” – Mel Diong, Malaysia.Two hours. One coaching session. 100% recovered from the Anxiety.Dont wait! Enrol this course Now and you get not just healing, but also the Secret of Living Peacefully and successfully by shifting your Anxiety into Joy, Healing and Love. See you in the entire course. Blessing to you.