Welcome to this course, this is Yohann. I will be your instructor. This is a hands on course where you learn the concept of the Swift langage by applying them live. This is not just another course about theory. I will show you every single steps you need to quickly get started with Swift. You will learn how to install the software to start using swift, how to get the developer license, how to create iPhone and iPad user interface layouts made of controls like buttons and labels, and you will learn how to connect the screen elements to the code to make them interactive. By the way, I provide you all the source code projects that we work on. In this course, we prefer using the visual tools over coding, and we keep the programming part as simple as possible. By the end of the course, you will know how to create a real iOS app, a fully functional calculator, ready to publish in the apple app store. Come learn Swift with us, its here to stay and now is the time to be ahead of the curve. Join us now. Ill see you in the class room.