Handwriting Improvement For Kids



Are you looking for an easy way to help your child improve his/her penmanship skills and legibility? Does the thought of practicing handwriting send your child into hiding? What if there was an easy, fun way for your child to practice improving handwriting skills? Handwriting Improvement for Kids is the perfect solution! This course is specifically designed for 2nd through 5th grade students looking to improve their penmanship skills. Your child will be taken on a fun filled adventure with our hero, Captain Pencil, as he discovers the 10 handwriting secrets and returns them to Leadville School Along the way your child will learn specific, time tested tips and tricks that will improve the look of his/her handwriting This course includes 32 downloadable practices pages that allow children to lock in new skills and break bad habits. There is also a special section for teachers and parents, so you can support your child’s learning.. Additional lectures on Pencil Grip, Lefties and Continued Practice Ideas are included . Instructor Availability: Best of all, Monica, a licensed Occupational Therapist is available to answer your specific questions about handwriting skills.. Sign up today and we look forward to seeing you in Leadville!!!