HAProxy for Beginners



HAProxy is the most powerful solution used for Load Balancing and High Availability, it is open source, stable and reliable , it can be used to receive requests from your clients and to distribute theses requests among your servers.This course is a crash course, you will be able to move from beginnerto advanced HAProxy admin within 80 minutes. In this course you will learn the following topics:Load Balancing Concepts and PrefaceWhat is HAProxyWhy to Use HAProxyHAProxy TasksFrontend and Backend conceptsScheduling AlgorithmsConfigurationsPractical ExampleDisplaying Statistics and MonitoringTCP and HTTP modesForwardFor OptionAccess ListsStickySessionsSSL configurationsAvoiding Single Point Of FailureConclusionEventually, this will be a continuous course I am going to add any additional topics I think they are important, and any topics requested by students.So, if you think that this course can be improved by adding any topics, then please let me know.