Harvesting Fresh Veggies in the Snow



There’s nothing like harvesting fresh veggies in the snow!The key to having more fresh food right outside your door for more months of the year is to extend your garden season. And if you do it right, you can be harvesting delicious veggies for up to 10 months of the year, even if you live in a northern climate!I livein Wisconsin, zone 5a, and every year I harvest food from my garden during most months of the year -without a heated greenhouse or any other expensive additions to my garden.Imagine serving garden fresh produce straight from your yard for winter holiday dinners (I do it every year!).With the rightplan, you can grow and harvest cool season vegetablesway past the first frosts of fall, into the darker months of winter, and then again in early spring when you start the gardening season earlier than you ever have before. Youll amaze everyone you know when youre harvesting delicious food from your yard during harsh weather, unexpected snowstorms, and unpredictable early spring weather.