Health and safety for Holistic therapists



Are you taking on line holistic therapy courses and feel there are some missing pieces? Or do you live in another country and interested in working in the UK, or maybe just interested in the UK’s health and safety system? Well this course provides specific teaching of Health and safety in the UK for holistic therapists working in a clinic or salon but this is applicable to all UK employees. Anyone outside the UK can still benefit and even share what health and safety is like in their home country – this course aims to assist you in improving the health and safety of your workplace wherever you are. There course will be added to over time and updated whenever legislation and regulations are changed/amended.What do you learn in this course?Employers dutiesThe workplaceRisk assessment, identifying hazards, taking actionAccidents, incidents and injuriesWaste disposalLone workingWhat do you receive with this course?Students will receive:Life time access to the course recordings and updatesA certificate of completion from DeborahSupport in the Q and A section of the platform