You know you should be eating  healthy. Your mom says it, your sister says it, your friends say it. It’s a  no-brainer: if you don’t eat healthily, you’re going to get sick!However, there’s a lot of good reasons why you don’t do it: it takes too  much time, organic food is too expensive, the recipes are too complicated, you  don’t know what to buy, and, lets face it, that pizza looks very tasty!What if I told you that cooking healthy can be just as fast as eating  out and there are some easy and healthy  recipes out there , and you can do it for under $5 per day! What if I told  you that you could make your healthy  meals recipes just as tasty as your favourite foods with almost no extra  effort? Would you want that? Your mom certainly would! It’s really very simple,  but you’ll need some guidance to get started…Fortunately for you, Cathy Erway’s here to help. She isn’t trained by  the culinary masters of the world. She’s doesn’t make millions cooking for rich  people. She doesn’t even own a restaurant! But there’s one thing she does well:  keep hundreds of people healthy for next to no money by cooking easy and healthy recipes. So… where do you start?  Step 1: Wash the  stack of plates gathering mold in your sink.  Step 2: Take out the  trash that’s making the smell in your kitchen unbearable.  Step 3: Get Cathy  Erway’s Healthy Cooking Fundamentals. She’ll teach you all her favorite secrets  to cook tasty, cheap and healthy meals  recipes in no time! This curriculum has it all: a guide to healthy grains, beans and pantry staples, a guide to unexpected (and inexpensive!) salads, and with recipes like Chickpea Stew with Sweet Peppers & Onions, Spring Lentil Risotto with Snap Peas & Mint, Roasted Eggplant with Tahini-Lemon Sauce, Almonds & Dill, Cucumbers with Sesame-Scallion Sauce, Red Cabbage Salad With Miso Dressing, and many more, who can resist?