Healthy family meals on a budget


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This is much more than a cookery course and a collection of recipes. It’s a way of using what you’ve already got to plan your meals, shop savvy and cook smart with the end result that you’ll slash your family grocery spend.But don’t think this means you’ll be compromising on taste, quality or health. You and your family will enjoy delicious healthy meals on a budget.Just think what you’ll be able to do with all the money you save. Save it for a trip you’ve always wanted? Pay off debt? Or even invest your savings in income generating assets?We all need to eat, and we’re all spending money on food. This course will help you spend less on your groceries and you’ll see the difference on your very first shopping trip when you take this course.A few small changes and tweaks can make a BIG difference to your supermarket spend, so take this course now so you can eat well while spending less.