HelpDesk is the 1st port of call for customers with IT problems and issues. Learn the skills required using this course and get your foot in the door to start your IT career!An IT HelpDesk is the starting point for a lot of people in their IT career. You can start off working on the HelpDesk, then moving on to other teams such as Desktop and Server teams.I will teach you from starting with no IT experience, Explain the different lines of HelpDeskHow to tailor your CV to get hits from job searches and agencies.Example interview questions which you can use to prepare you for interviews.How to speak on the phone and proper email communication. Beingprepared if you are expected to give a demo in the interview.Ask the right troubleshooting questions to get to the bottom of IT issues.Examples of good and bad practices. Usegood ones to impress management with your willingness and thought processesto improve customerservice.Lessons on Active Directory, Group Policy, Networking and Hardware.Last updated May 201810+ Sections of contentLifetime access to the courseBacked by Udemy 30 day money back guaranteeOne final note, my aim is to get you theHelpDesk position you want,using this course.All you have to do is click on the “take this course” button on the right hand corner. You have nothing to lose and hopefully this investment now,can get you into the lucrative IT industry.Current initial low launch price will increase!Thank you, Mark.Who is the target audience?People of any IT abilityPeople of any country who understand EnglishPeople with an interest in ITPeople looking to gain a HelpDesk position within a company