What this course will do -It will give you simple effective techniques used by top CEOs, extreme sport athletes and mega entrepreneurs. These techniques have been consistent across time from ancient Vedic and Egyptian civilizations to modern day martial artists and high profile celebrities.What’s new?Current stress management techniques ask you to step out of your daily routine and take time out. In this course you will be energizing and relaxing on-the-goWhy this approach will work?The lecture has been designed by through research in studying lifestyle habits of top CEOs, polymaths, artists, sports stars,game changes and high achievers across time. The principles shaping these habits are timeless and consistent. They yield results with a disciplined approach.What are the timelines?By applying these techniques during a 21-day or 3-month or 6-month challenges, gradually you will be able to take on bigger challenges in life like career change, promotions, saying ‘No’ to useless commitments in life. Overall you will feel highly energized, happier and calmer.What are the risks?If you have the motivation to take huge risks duringmakeovers, you will need experts to guide you in getting into rigorous fitness routines, extreme sports activities,etc.while exploring unknown aspects of your personality. It is highly recommended that you work with expert teachers and coaches.How much will it cost?The practices are free of costWhen will it show results?To see a major shift in your abilities you should systematically take up 21-day, 3-month and 6-month challenges in following the guidelines in this course.