High School to College



High school counseling teams in most public high schools are stretched – and private college counselors are expensive. High School to College is an in-depth course on college readiness to develop knowledge and skills in high school students in four areas:1. Branding and Career Planning. Students identify interests and strengths, and map them to potential careers. Students explore macroeconomic indicators to research in-demand occupations and industries that are upward-trending, exploring college as a route to rewarding careers.2. Postsecondary Institution Analysis: Students evaluate the best institution type (Career School, 2-year or 4-year College) which meets their career goals. 3. Outcome-based College Selection. For selective colleges, students consider factors in college admission decisions and graduation outcomes to quantitatively evaluate their chances – and develop strategies – to get into choice colleges.4. College Admission Tips and Tricks – Students learn about different ways to maximize their chances of gaining admission to their favorite colleges.