Hobby To Business Turing Part-Time Passions Into Full-Time Income!Do you have a hobby that you spend hours working on? Does that hobby cost you more money then you'd like to admit?Have you ever thought about the possibility of turning that hobby into a profitable business?It is totally possibly with the Hobby To Business course! This ten module course will reveal to you the best methods to turn your hobby into a business. This information rich course will guide you on how to go from having a part-time hobby to full-time business that is earning you fantastic profits every day!Course Outline:Module 1: Defining Hobby" & Business"Module 2: Structure a business planModule 3: Registering your business online (LLC,Trademark,etc)Module 4: Defining a revenue stream (Ads, E-Commerce)Module 5: Market Research (Niche, Audience, Stats)Module 6: Setting up your web domain (Domain Name)Module 7: Setting up your website (Blog/Site creation tools)Module 8: Marketing your business (Social Media)Module 9: Managing Clients/Employees (Invoicing Services)Module 10: Expanding the business (Summary/Future)Who Is This For? If you have a hobby that you would like to see profits from then this course is for you. If you vision turning a favorite past time into a full-time business then this course is for you. If you are unsure how to start the business and sustain it from there then this course is for you. Course Details: When should you start to turn your hobby into a business? The answer is different for everybody, and it starts by defining what exactly a hobby and business are, what separates them, and how you can assess your situation for profit with some easy questions. The leap from hobby into a business is a big one and this course will cover scenarios you may encounter before and in the process of starting your business. This course gets into some practical issues regarding the of structuring your business plan. You will need to figure out if you should register your business, trademarks, copyright, and more. Your business plan also includes ways to research your market, find your niche, and define your streams of revenue. A business is about it's mission statement and profits. In order to spread your mission statement and earn profits you must build a web presence and market. In this course you will learn about Internet Marketing and Social Media . You will also learn how to easily set up your website and find ways to profit from it. This course will walk you through deciding and registering your domain name & then building a website from there. By providing key examples and highly recommended services, you will see you don't have to be a developer, designer, or with great marketing background to earn online from your hobby. The last half of the course looks at taking your established business and growing it from there. You will need to develop accounting and payment structures to fund your business and employees. You also need methods to receive payments from your customers and clients. Receiving payment is a key foundation of all businesses and the Hobby To Business course reveals all different type of structures. The goal is for your business to financially grow and expand as the years go on. Goals are a key asset in having a clear vision of the future for your business. A business without a vision doesn't tend to last very long. The last course module talks about applying everything you have learned and growing from there. Setting a five, ten, or twenty year outline for yourself and your business to grow. Deciding what needs to change and adapt as time goes on. This course looks at taking something you are truly passionate about and building it into something that can be sustainable and profitable. This course shows you how to evaluate each step you take, and how to profit from the decisions you make. This course will show you how to face obstacles and concerns without losing faith in your business and the goals you have. You will know when to spend time or money taking your business to the next level; or when to walk away before you lose profits.You started out doing something you enjoyed, and now you have a full-time business! You were unsure of your goals or even a plan of action, but by taking the Hobby To Business course you have a clear outline and you are reaching your business goals. Imagine how great you will feel waking up and going to 'work' doing what you love?Turning a hobby into a thriving business does not have to stay a dream. You can live your dreams with the right vision, goals, and information. Take the Hobby To Business course today and watch as your part-time passion turns into full-time profits!Go ahead and get started with turning Your HOBBY into a Profitable Business right away! See you inside!