Holistic Health: BEYOND Diet & Exercise



You want to be healthy. You want your clients to be healthy.Then look BEYOND diet & exercise.Its more than the shape of your body or what we see on the outside that makes us healthy.See the bigger picture: A healthy lifestyle with sustainable changes that fit each individual!Health is inside and out. It’s the physical, mental & social.Knowing not only what to do and how to do it, but WHY you even do it in the first place!You want confidence, self-value, joy, desire.You want to be able to DO things & have energy so you can enjoy life.All of this comes from taking a holistic view of health, and working on all areas to create successful changes that actually stick!It requires getting to know yourself and putting in some work to practice & adjust, but you are definitely worth the effort!This is why I share my struggles, research & answers with you through the BEDMAS of Wellness formula.It puts the pieces together in an “order of operations” style approach to guide you along your specific wellness journey.