What if you could use smart home products to improve your familys security, safety & enjoyment levels? Here are a four key everyday examples of how smart home automation could work in your life: Use a mobile app to remotely view your home via an IP camera, arm your alarm, and adjust your lights and thermostats while away from home? Be re-assured that your home and family are safe and protected whether youre there or not? Receive text and email alerts on your Smartphone once an intruder enters your home or smoke is detected? Save up to 10% on your energy bills! Smart Homes can deliver all of the above benefits; BUT you could be forgiven if you find the notion of connecting your home a bewildering, confusing and expensive process. People generally buy different types of smart home devices from different manufacturers ending up with various smart home devices that cannot communicate with each other. To avoid these pitfalls international smart home automation expert, Gerard ODriscoll offers this course to show you everything from A-to-Z on how to create your Home Automation system, which will reduce energy consumption, create a comfortable family environment & protect your home against Intruders. As someone who has already spent over $5,000 over the last year buying a variety of connected products that range from smart bulbs and thermostats to cameras and smart smoke detectors, Im going to save you hours of frustration that I went through; and fast track building of your own smart home. I take the guesswork out of creating your very own smart home. Dont want to spend money on a smart home system that does not work? Then Enroll Today in the most comprehensive course in the world covering the topic of IoT and smart home automation.