How I Can Write a Book in a Week: On almost any subject



Writing a none fiction book in a week is not difficult. If you have tried to write in the past and found that by page two you have completed what you thought would be a 100 page book then this course is for you.To just sit down and write of the top of your head is a great feeling but not very practical. We all run out of focus quite quickly. By spending an hour or soin advance, my books just flow. I don’t need to think what is next, I don’t need to add in a part I missed out earlier. I write itonce and so can you.Iwill show you how by using an easy to follow simple master plan you can write your book in a week. (And I mean very simple master plan.)You can then go on to write another book in a week. In fact you can go on to write dozens of books, even books about things you know nothing about yet. (I show you how to that too.)Everything you need is covered in detail in a simple step by step manner that you will find easy to do. Anyone can follow this easy system in no time at all.You will discover &Implement:How to plan your bookHow to break your idea down into bite sized piecesHow to write it all down in an easy wayHow you can publish itHow to editThe types of publishing available to youThe tools you need to use to write your book (All free unless you want to pay)Although you are learning how to write your book in a week, not how to publish, you will need to know the basics of publishing. So that is also covered, to ensure you don’t get lost.By using this plan you will never suffer writers block, as you always know what has to be written about. Take the course & Plan your first book todayWrite your first book tomorrowPublish next week.The plan has been developed and simplified over many years. Originally developed because of report writing timetaking over my life. I needed a system that enabled ten reports a week to be written that were taking forever. By reading what others did & talking to others, a plan was developed, and has satisfied my requirements for many years. For book writing it needed to be simplified. Reports have a lot of detail, books less so.This system is perfect for none fiction writing, it could be used for fiction, howeverthere are better systems written for fiction writing.With my full support, and 30 days full money back guarantee you are assured of no risk to you. Enroll today, publish next week. It really is that simple.